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Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is presented annually to individuals or institutions who have established a tool, program, or procedure that greatly aids in the college counseling process.

             LaShaunta Hairston, Past President, presenting
             2019 Achievement Award to Sarah Gammans,
            Northview High School.



1999: Michelle Gurley
2000: No Recipient
2001: Huntley Robinson
2002: No Recipient
2003: No Recipient
2004: No Recipient
2005: Ted Spencer and the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the University of Michigan
2006: DASUM for Promoting the Publics
2007: Michigan Department of Education for the Michigan Merit Exam
2008: Patrick O'Connor; Linda Sioen and Tom Maiolani of LinCom Services
2009: Gloria Davis
2010: Brandy Johnson-Faith, Michigan Governor's Office
2011: Sarah Summerhill, Michigan State University
2012: Wylie E. Groves High School - Senior Seminar
2013: Frank Bernier
2014: No Recipient
2015: John Carroll

2016: Zay Reynolds
2017: Pamela Kurtz
2018: John Ambrose
2019: Sarah Gammans
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