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Interaction and networking opportunities with colleagues

  • Get to know your colleagues: high school counselors, colleges admissions personnel, independent counselors, community based organizations
  • Join a member forum where you can easily ask questions of others in MACAC.
  • Develop lifelong friendships and learn from your MACAC colleagues.
  • Access online, searchable directory with contact information for all MACAC members.

Professional and personal development resources

  • MACAC Annual Conference held each spring
  • Urban Counselor Workshop held annually
  • MACAC Gatherings around the state
  • School Counselor Summit each summer

Formal Mentorship Program

  • As a new counselor you can sign up to be paired with a more experienced colleague for support.
  • Members with experience can volunteer to mentor someone new in the profession.
  • Special middle management pairings can be arranged for college admission personnel. 

Access to Student Support

  • Metro Detroit National College Fair each spring
  • West Michigan National College Fair each spring
  • Maggie Miller Scholarship awarded annually
  • Accompany your students to MACAC's Camp College

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